utf-8 Fountain City, WI: Descendants of Hans Hildebrand Ziegenfuss

The Ziegenfuss family

The Descendants of Hans Hildebrand Ziegenfuss

Fountain City, WI


Tree: Ziegenfuss

City/Town : Latitude: 44.11856, Longitude: -91.696785


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BAECHLER, L.J.   I6791 Ziegenfuss 
2 BAECHLER, M.M.   I6792 Ziegenfuss 
3 EDER, D.R.   I6999 Ziegenfuss 
4 FIEDLER, A.W.   I6789 Ziegenfuss 
5 FIEDLER, Charlotta Carolina  4 Nov 1874Fountain City, WI I6715 Ziegenfuss 
6 FIEDLER, Heinrich Friedrich  24 Aug 1861Fountain City, WI I6710 Ziegenfuss 
7 FIEDLER, H.L.   I6716 Ziegenfuss 
8 FIEDLER, H.W.   I6714 Ziegenfuss 
9 FIEDLER, J.H.F.   I6712 Ziegenfuss 
10 FIEDLER, M.P.   I6596 Ziegenfuss 
11 FIEDLER, W.L.   I6788 Ziegenfuss 
12 FIEDLER, W.   I6713 Ziegenfuss 
13 FIEDLER, Wilhelmine  5 Apr 1866Fountain City, WI I6711 Ziegenfuss 
14 HANFT, J.   I3083 Ziegenfuss 
15 NOMMENSEN, M.C.   I6747 Ziegenfuss 
16 NOMMENSEN, R.P.   I6748 Ziegenfuss 
17 RATH, J.L.   I6745 Ziegenfuss 
18 SONNEMANN, E.D.   I6793 Ziegenfuss 
19 ZIEGENFUSS, A.   I3237 Ziegenfuss 
20 ZIEGENFUSS, Edmund  1876Fountain City, WI I3233 Ziegenfuss 
21 ZIEGENFUSS, Eduard G.  7 Feb 1876Fountain City, WI I3240 Ziegenfuss 
22 ZIEGENFUSS, E.M.   I3234 Ziegenfuss 
23 ZIEGENFUSS, Emma M.  1877Fountain City, WI I3241 Ziegenfuss 
24 ZIEGENFUSS, George Michael  3 Jun 1866Fountain City, WI I3215 Ziegenfuss 
25 ZIEGENFUSS, H.G.   I3238 Ziegenfuss 
26 ZIEGENFUSS, John H.  1867Fountain City, WI I3224 Ziegenfuss 
27 ZIEGENFUSS, J.M.   I3243 Ziegenfuss 
28 ZIEGENFUSS, Katherine M.  1879Fountain City, WI I3242 Ziegenfuss 
29 ZIEGENFUSS, M.M.   I3225 Ziegenfuss 
30 ZIEGENFUSS, Mary A.  May 1872Fountain City, WI I3229 Ziegenfuss 
31 ZIEGENFUSS, W.H.   I3230 Ziegenfuss 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 FIEDLER, M.P.   I6596 Ziegenfuss 
2 NOMMENSEN, M.C.   I6747 Ziegenfuss 


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BRANDHORST, CAROLINE Marie  31 Jul 1887Fountain City, WI I6598 Ziegenfuss 
2 ENGELHARDT, Anna Christina CATHARINA  15 Apr 1884Fountain City, WI I2963 Ziegenfuss 
3 FIEDLER, A.S.   I6717 Ziegenfuss 
4 FIEDLER, Charlotta Carolina  9 May 1895Fountain City, WI I6715 Ziegenfuss 
5 FIEDLER, Heinrich Friedrich  4 Mar 1865Fountain City, WI I6710 Ziegenfuss 
6 FIEDLER, H.L.   I6716 Ziegenfuss 
7 FIEDLER, H.W.   I6714 Ziegenfuss 
8 FIEDLER, W.L.   I6788 Ziegenfuss 
9 FIEDLER, Wilhelm  4 Oct 1900Fountain City, WI I2407 Ziegenfuss 
10 FIEDLER, Wilhelmine  15 Nov 1892Fountain City, WI I6711 Ziegenfuss 
11 HAESLE, M.S.   I6787 Ziegenfuss 
12 HENZIE, E.J.   I6995 Ziegenfuss 
13 ZIEGENFUSS, Christoph  25 Aug 1882Fountain City, WI I2972 Ziegenfuss 
14 ZIEGENFUSS, Edmund  1876Fountain City, WI I3233 Ziegenfuss 
15 ZIEGENFUSS, Eduard G.  1876Fountain City, WI I3240 Ziegenfuss 
16 ZIEGENFUSS, Georg  10 Jun 1882Fountain City, WI I2962 Ziegenfuss 
17 ZIEGENFUSS, Johann MICHAEL  10 Jun 1884Fountain City, WI I2975 Ziegenfuss 
18 ZIEGENFUSS, John H.  1869Fountain City, WI I3224 Ziegenfuss 
19 ZIEGENFUSS, Katherine M.  1883Fountain City, WI I3242 Ziegenfuss 


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 BAECHLER, L.J.   I6791 Ziegenfuss 
2 BRANDHORST, CAROLINE Marie  Fountain City, WI I6598 Ziegenfuss 
3 DECKER, G.O.   I7043 Ziegenfuss 
4 DECKER, N.G.   I7045 Ziegenfuss 
5 ENGELHARDT, Anna Christina CATHARINA  1884Fountain City, WI I2963 Ziegenfuss 
6 FIEDLER, A.S.   I6717 Ziegenfuss 
7 FIEDLER, Charlotta Carolina  Fountain City, WI I6715 Ziegenfuss 
8 FIEDLER, H.L.   I6716 Ziegenfuss 
9 FIEDLER, H.W.   I6714 Ziegenfuss 
10 FIEDLER, J.A.   I6812 Ziegenfuss 
11 FIEDLER, S.M.   I6810 Ziegenfuss 
12 FIEDLER, W.L.   I6788 Ziegenfuss 
13 FIEDLER, Wilhelm  7 Oct 1900Fountain City, WI I2407 Ziegenfuss 
14 FIEDLER, Wilhelmine  Fountain City, WI I6711 Ziegenfuss 
15 HAESLE, M.S.   I6787 Ziegenfuss 
16 HANFT, C.G.   I3080 Ziegenfuss 
17 HANFT, J.   I3083 Ziegenfuss 
18 HANFT, JOHN Michael  Fountain City, WI I3079 Ziegenfuss 
19 HANFT, R.K.   I3116 Ziegenfuss 
20 KOCH, V.M.   I7035 Ziegenfuss 
21 RATH, J.L.   I6745 Ziegenfuss 
22 RIED, M.   I3236 Ziegenfuss 
23 SONNEMANN, E.D.   I6793 Ziegenfuss 
24 ZIEGENFUSS, Anna Maria Theresia  1901Fountain City, WI I2970 Ziegenfuss 
25 ZIEGENFUSS, Christoph  Fountain City, WI I2972 Ziegenfuss 
26 ZIEGENFUSS, Edmund  1876Fountain City, WI I3233 Ziegenfuss 
27 ZIEGENFUSS, Eduard G.  Fountain City, WI I3240 Ziegenfuss 
28 ZIEGENFUSS, Emma M.  Fountain City, WI I3241 Ziegenfuss 
29 ZIEGENFUSS, Georg  1882Fountain City, WI I2962 Ziegenfuss 
30 ZIEGENFUSS, Johann MICHAEL  Fountain City, WI I2975 Ziegenfuss 
31 ZIEGENFUSS, John H.  1869Fountain City, WI I3224 Ziegenfuss 
32 ZIEGENFUSS, Katherine M.  Fountain City, WI I3242 Ziegenfuss 
33 ZIEGENFUSS, Mary A.  Fountain City, WI I3229 Ziegenfuss 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 BAECHLER, M.M.   I6792 Ziegenfuss 


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BAECHLER / FIEDLER   F2952 Ziegenfuss 
2 BAECHLER / KUKOWSKI   F3144 Ziegenfuss 
3 DECKER / BAECHLER   F3010 Ziegenfuss 
4 FIEDLER / BRANDHORST  4 Sep 1859Fountain City, WI F1297 Ziegenfuss 
5 FIEDLER / BUNDE   F2949 Ziegenfuss 
6 FIEDLER / SONNEMANN   F2950 Ziegenfuss 
7 HUEBNER / DECKER   F3165 Ziegenfuss 
8 NOMMENSEN / FIEDLER   F2946 Ziegenfuss 
9 RATH / FIEDLER  10 Dec 1891Fountain City, WI F2947 Ziegenfuss 
10 VATER / HANFT   F1554 Ziegenfuss 
11 WARD / DECKER   F3156 Ziegenfuss 
12 WOJCHIK / DECKER   F3162 Ziegenfuss 
13 ZIEGENFUSS / WALBERT   F1616 Ziegenfuss 

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